"No disease of the human body, belonging to the province of the surgeon, requires in its treatment a greater combination of anatomic knowledge, with surgical skill, than hernia in all its varieties."   

Sir Astley Cooper, 19th Century surgeon

Hernias are very common and often cause discomfort and pain, rather than pose a true threat to life. However, they may complicate by trapping whatever is in the hernia and either cause obstruction or worse, strangulation, whereby the blood supply to the hernia contents is interrupted. These two scenarios are far more serious and may require emergency surgery. 

The aim of elective assessment and repair of hernias is to prevent complications from happening. Because no two hernias are the same, I tailor our discussion to your needs. In general, hernias may be repaired in one of two ways - as an open procedure or laparoscopically (key-hole). Surgeons still debate which of these two approaches is better - when you and I meet, we will discuss which is the best option for you.


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